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We seek wisdom
to better ourselves


We share wisdom
to better each other


We apply wisdom
to better our world

We walk fearlessly forward into unchartered territory as truly this uncertain time in history creates an opportunity for unprecedented change in everything we do. Our time on earth will change the trajectory of history whether we choose to seize this opportunity in ways that affect our ability to thrive in the world as a gender for the sake of humankind, or whether we chose to stand still…

our Organization

Our Mission Statement

The Wise Women Network (WWn) has been established for the purpose of enabling and empowering females to grow in wisdom and reach their purpose. We seek to search-out and harness all means to accomplish this as effectively and efficiently as possible.

To accomplish our mission, and in order to maintain complete transparency, the WWn maintains nonprofit and for-profit components as follows:

100% of donations go directly to  Wise Women Network Inc, a 501c(3) public charity.  Outreach includes subsidized coaching and memberships, as well as interest-free microcredit loans for women entrepreneurs ready to pivot.

We have identified and intend to address these needs within our network:  income inequality, gender-related poverty, online privacy infringements, incapacity to use own data for own good (results in disempowerment), inaccessibility of safe and secure solutions for sensitive- yet- vital gender- related issues, including health.  We can only accomplish our mission if the integrity of our work is protected in our nonprofit organization.

The WWn also supports women entrepreneurs by helping them to market and sell their products and services within our platform. The commission for offering their products and services is kept to an absolute minimum and used to pay women who assist the women business owners to sell on our platform.